Pigmented Spot Removal

Pigmented Spot Removal

Pigmented Spot Removal is a cosmetic service aimed at reducing the appearance of various types of skin discolorations, including melasma, acne scars, nevi (moles), sun spots, and age spots. This service employs cutting-edge pico technology and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments to effectively target and diminish these pigmented areas.

How it Works:

The process begins with a professional assessment of the skin to determine the type of pigmentation issue. For concentrated pigmented spots like melasma, nevus, and acne scars, pico technology is used. By delivering extremely short pulses of energy to the skin, this technology breaks down the pigment into smaller particles. For more diffuse pigmentation and sun damage, IPL technology is utilized. As a result, pigmented areas fade as a result of IPL light penetration and absorption.

The areas we treat laser hair removal with are as follows:

Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Care Instructions

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Yes, Pigmented Spot Removal effectively treats a variety of discolorations, including melasma, acne scars, and sun spots, using specialized technologies.

Results of this service will vary depending on the type and extent of pigmentation, but many clients notice improvements shortly after treatment.

There is minimal to no downtime required after Pigmented Spot Removal treatments, allowing clients to resume their daily activities.

Yes, this service can be used to treat pigmented spots on both the face and body effectively.

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